35mm - a travel album 

In January of 2014, shortly before leaving New York for a five month term of study in Paris, I found a 35mm point and shoot in a closet at my parents'. It had belonged to my late aunt. I threw it in my suitcase, doubting that I would get the chance to use it. I hadn't shot 35mm since I was in middle school - after discovering medium (and, eventually, large) format, I was hooked on the bigger picture. I found, however, that I would really come to love that little camera, and the images I produced with it have an indelible and unique aesthetic quality when compared to my work on other formats. Why? Its small size and tiny portable flash meant I could slip it into a jacket pocket and forget about it, taking it out only when I saw a moment that caught my eye; it was unobtrusive enough to be allowed places that my larger cameras would not be; and it was faster to shoot with than even a phone. More than anything, though, I loved it simply because I liked what it helped me to see.